Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Psychotherapy with Simone Moir

With her training in Buddhist meditation and philosophy, yoga, and art Simone holds a lot of tools to help you shift toward a more intuitive and present-centred life. Drawing upon creative processes, Simone will help you to find new ways of responding to the challenges you face and accompany you in an exploration of the full range of your potential. As the process unfolds, you may experience enhanced awareness of personal responsibility and choice, enabling you to move from loneliness and isolation toward greater connection, spontaneity and flexibility. When you regain your physical and mental vitality, lively emotions are tolerated and embraced, so that self-trust may deepen.

Simone continues her research into a somatic yoga based approach to addressing anxiety, insomnia, addictions and depression. See her program Riding The Lively Wave. In her practice she also assists individual in overcoming barriers to incorporating meditation and yoga in their daily life as well as working through other challenges they may be facing on their spiritual path

Address stress, anxiety, grief, relationship difficulties, loneliness, depression, pain, illness and destructive habitual patterns or emotions with this original, efficient and effective form of therapy.

Gestalt Therapy with Simone Moir:

• Supports change
• Gain awareness
• Increase spontaneity and flexibility
• Examine beliefs and core values
• Define your sense of self
• Explore new or unfulfilled dreams and possibilities
• May include instruction in mindfulness meditation, yoga breathing and other stress reduction practices
• May draw upon a range of expressive art practices including: play, voice, drawing, movement and role-play